Branding: What is it? Why is it so important?

November 30th, 2013

Brand development or branding encompasses every single touch point that you and your business have with an existing or prospective customer. It goes well beyond a professional logo design and creative promotional materials. Branding is what you and your employees say, do, and don’t do.

Do you keep the promises you make to your customers? Or do you on a regular basis say that you’re going to do something and then not follow through?

What established policies do you have in place to resolve a problem with a dissatisfied customer? Consumer expectations are at their highest level. What are the potential consequences? If you fail to deliver on a product or service, the result may be devastating for your business. Therefore, you want every single touch point to be at its best and “positively” memorable. Just ask any company that’s been targeted through social media by an angry or dissatisfied customer.

Here’s an example of an upset customer who took an extreme route to let a business know he was angry. The incident involved an airline and a Canadian musician whose vintage guitar was destroyed by baggage handlers. After nine long months – 9 MONTHS! – of trying to resolve the matter with the airline, the song writer decided to create a complaint video. It hit YouTube and went viral. Since then, the incident has been estimated to cost the airline $180 million in revenue.

What does this mean to the average business? It means never forgetting why your company exists, no matter how large it gets. It means redefining success and making sure that “delighting” customers is part of the equation.

My husband and I were at the car dealership getting an oil change the other day. Who goes to a dealership for an oil change? Well, we do. Like many companies, our dealership has become customer focused. They had to in order to survive in the automotive service industry. Their price for an oil change is a little more than the car shop down the street, but the buyer experience is superb!

One rainy Saturday morning, my husband and I dropped off our car for service work. We typically walk across the street to eat breakfast. It was pouring down rain. We joked to the service technician, asking him when the shuttle bus was scheduled to take us across the street. Of course, there was no such service and we really didn’t care about getting wet. To our surprise and “delight,” they had a car and driver waiting to take us across the street. I’m like a walking advertising billboard for our dealership. I’ve told this story again and again!

With this type of positive brand experience, it’s not hard to understand why we take our 5 family cars to the dealership for oil changes.

Branding is about your customers and their experiences with your business. Make every touch point count!

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Written by: Carol Palichleb

President and Chief Information Officer,
Palicor Communications

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