Marketing Communications QR Code Customer Engagement

Marketing Communications: Engaging Customers with QR Codes

Odds are, you already know what QR codes are. They’re everywhere! These two-tone grids have been around since 1994. Their original use was similar to that of standard UPC barcodes, but they have invaded the world of marketing communications over the past several years. You might be thinking they are just a fad that will

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two ladies creating an online review

Online Reviews Can Help Increase Your Digital Footprint and Provide Value

Many business owners focus on promoting their brand through their own company website and social media channels. These are valuable mediums to convey your message and gain customers. They are also under your control. But a brand’s online presence often encompasses more than those controlled channels. As an example, you’ve probably enjoyed dining at a

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creative marketing campaigns

Creative Marketing Campaigns 2015 Matchup: And Our Winner Is…?

Once again, the Super Bowl has come and gone. The Patriots have won. So now what? The big game may be over, but something else will be here for a little while longer: the commercials. As we mentioned in our previous post, many people are excited about Super Bowl ads and seeing what creative marketing

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Creativity Advertisements

Super Bowl Sunday: The Biggest Day of the Year for Creative Advertising Ideas

It’s that time of year again. That’s right, Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner! Over the years, this national championship has become a holiday of sorts. People invite their friends and family over to eat and sit around the TV to watch the biggest game of the year.

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“Cream Puff, One Owner”: The Proprietary Perils of ISP Website Designs

You’re walking past an auto dealership and stop to admire a red two-seat convertible. You know this model, that it’s hard-working and dependable and has lots of features, but that purchase price — whew! Just then you hear a distant shout. It’s Honest Ed from the rival lot across the street. He motions you over

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