Beauty Packaging is a “Spot-On” Brand Disaster

October 5th, 2013

If you have dark facial spots, you are U-G-L-Y… UGLY! That’s the harsh and insensitive perceived statement that the Bremenn Clinical brand makes with its Dark Spot Eraser product packaging showing dark splotches covering a woman’s face.

While I’ve seen many successful creative techniques and brand positions, insulting prospective customers isn’t one of them.

What if other manufacturers started graphically highlighting the problems that their products resolve, like adhesive bandages, facial tissues, or hemorrhoid ointment? bremenn-darkspots-closeupUgh… You get the picture!

Effective brand positioning moves the product or service beyond its own features to its potential benefits to the customer. This shifts the thinking and positioning from the selling proposition to the buying – a definite asset to the advertiser.

The Bremenn packaging successfully tapped into the consumer benefits, but the negative emotions surrounding the “ugly” undertone will likely damage their brand. The company would have better positioned their product if they had visually highlighted the consumer benefit in a positive way. For instance, they might have said that spotless skin helps to build confidence, or that a more confident person may experience a renewed personal relationship or achieve that long-awaited job promotion. By focusing on these events, the message moves beyond the product to consumer values. It also disassociates the brand from any type of negativity.

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Written by: Carol Palichleb

President and Chief Information Officer,
Palicor Communications

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