colors on woman's face

The Importance of Branding Your Business With Color

It’s common for business owners to ask about logo creation and the branding that comes with it. These are important focal points for your business presence and voice. But another area of focus that can often be overlooked is color. Perhaps you know the challenge of selecting a new color to paint a room in

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logo designer

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Logo Designer

Having a logo designed for your business is quick and easy, right? It is easy with the assistance of a reputable and professionally trained logo designer. But it should not be quick. If the service is advertised as being fast – think again.

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small business branding

Strength in Numbers: Small-Business Branding and the Editorial “We”

This September, as always, thousands of first-year college students will receive some startling news: their professors expect them to strip their writing of personal identifiers. How unfair!, they think. Since kindergarten these young men and women have toiled over assignments with titles such as “What I Did Last Summer,” “My Thoughts on the Treaty of

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importance of creative marketing slogans

Make a Catchy Slogan Part of Your Creative Marketing Plan

Have you ever considered the importance a slogan has in branding your company and your creative marketing initiatives? If not, think again. “I’m lovin’ it.” “Just do it.” “Save Money. Live Better.” It doesn’t take much for the average consumer to place these slogans with their respective companies: McDonald’s, Nike and Wal-Mart. That’s because these

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Business Branding: Its Place in the Pumpkin Patch

In the Peanuts comic strip, Charlie Brown’s friend Linus sits alone in a garden every Halloween waiting for a mythical gift-giver called the Great Pumpkin. Oblivious to his friends’ jeers, Linus declares that he will succeed eventually: it’s just a matter of finding a pumpkin patch that’s “sincere enough.”

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