“Cream Puff, One Owner”: The Proprietary Perils of ISP Website Designs

You’re walking past an auto dealership and stop to admire a red two-seat convertible. You know this model, that it’s hard-working and dependable and has lots of features, but that purchase price — whew! Just then you hear a distant shout. It’s Honest Ed from the rival lot across the street. He motions you over

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websites influence consumer purchase decisions

Websites Influence Consumer Purchase Decisions Over Referrals

For the greater part of the last century a consumer’s purchase decision was made via a word-of-mouth referral. Business owners could count on advice from trusted family and friends to gain new customers. Other times a quick check of the phone book, along with a call, was enough to hire a service provider or find

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search engine marketing

What Even Your Closest Friends Won’t Tell You: Spelling Errors Can Sink Search Engine Marketing

You may have seen the old magazine ads that picture a decent-looking man or woman wearing a sad, puzzled expression. That’s you, the text informs you, adding that you have good looks on your side, and wealth, and a great personality. Yet no one wants to be around you. What’s the matter, and how can

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responsive technology transforming websites for mobile devices

Transforming Your Website for Mobile Devices

If you have been keeping up with the latest web trends you have undoubtedly read about responsive web design. If not, this article is for you. What is responsive web design? Is it right for your business?

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