The Wrong Crowd: What to Do When Inbound Links to Your Website Are a Bad Influence

When I was in grade school my mom would sometimes say, “Your friend Cheryl is wild and has a potty mouth” or “That Cheryl is trouble. You should stay clear.” (Perhaps you’ve heard a similar comment from one of your parents.) I was drawn to Cheryl’s fun personality and adventurous tomboy attitude, and I saw

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colors on woman's face

The Importance of Branding Your Business With Color

It’s common for business owners to ask about logo creation and the branding that comes with it. These are important focal points for your business presence and voice. But another area of focus that can often be overlooked is color. Perhaps you know the challenge of selecting a new color to paint a room in

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business communications copywriter

C + C + C = Effective Business Communications

During the Great Depression, the initials CCC symbolized a nation’s hope for renewal. The three million unemployed men who signed up with the Civilian Conservation Corps created parks, built roads and bridges and dams, and made it simpler for people to get around the United States than at any time before.

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internet marketing and promotion advertising

Internet Marketing and Promotion Advertising: How Accurate Is Your Company’s Online Presence?

Everything you find on the Internet is true. Right? NOT! Most people are savvy enough to understand that this statement simply isn’t true. Deciding what to, and what not to believe online is a bit like determining if a telephone call, or a mailed or emailed item, is a scam.

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logo designer

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Logo Designer

Having a logo designed for your business is quick and easy, right? It is easy with the assistance of a reputable and professionally trained logo designer. But it should not be quick. If the service is advertised as being fast – think again.

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