advertisement marketing with mind maps

The “Why” Chromosome: Creating an Advertisement Marketing Plan with Mind-Mapping

Planning an advertisement marketing campaign may seem complex, but every preschooler knows the “magic word” that makes it simple and fun. Learn the whats and hows – and whys.

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websites influence consumer purchase decisions

Websites Influence Consumer Purchase Decisions Over Referrals

For the greater part of the last century a consumer’s purchase decision was made via a word-of-mouth referral. Business owners could count on advice from trusted family and friends to gain new customers. Other times a quick check of the phone book, along with a call, was enough to hire a service provider or find

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search engine marketing

What Even Your Closest Friends Won’t Tell You: Spelling Errors Can Sink Search Engine Marketing

You may have seen the old magazine ads that picture a decent-looking man or woman wearing a sad, puzzled expression. That’s you, the text informs you, adding that you have good looks on your side, and wealth, and a great personality. Yet no one wants to be around you. What’s the matter, and how can

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internet and traditional marketing strategies

How to Find the Perfect Blend of Internet and Traditional Marketing Strategies for Your Business

There used to only be one game in town. Maybe you remember those days, or are still trying to hold onto them as a business owner. Traditional marketing was king. From print newspaper ads, to TV and radio slots – buying a space or segment to show off your business was the only way to

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small business branding

Strength in Numbers: Small-Business Branding and the Editorial “We”

This September, as always, thousands of first-year college students will receive some startling news: their professors expect them to strip their writing of personal identifiers. How unfair!, they think. Since kindergarten these young men and women have toiled over assignments with titles such as “What I Did Last Summer,” “My Thoughts on the Treaty of

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