Beauty Packaging is a “Spot-On” Brand Disaster

If you have dark facial spots, you are U-G-L-Y… UGLY! That’s the harsh and insensitive perceived statement that the Bremenn Clinical brand makes with its Dark Spot Eraser product packaging showing dark splotches covering a woman’s face. While I’ve seen many successful creative techniques and brand positions, insulting prospective customers isn’t one of them.

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responsive technology transforming websites for mobile devices

Transforming Your Website for Mobile Devices

If you have been keeping up with the latest web trends you have undoubtedly read about responsive web design. If not, this article is for you. What is responsive web design? Is it right for your business?

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best internet marketing company in Cleveland

Internet Marketing: Your Website is Your Online Storefront

A website is one of your most important Internet marketing assets and the first impression consumers have of your business. With 97% of consumers researching local businesses online before making a purchase1, it is vital that your website presents your business as a credible establishment.

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