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Small Business Success Starts with
a Solid Niche Marketing Strategy

If you're a small business in a highly-competitive market, how do you compete? Start with a solid niche marketing strategy and marketing communications that address the needs and wants of your specific target.

To start, we'll partner with you to understand your industry. We will research your market and competitors, and then select the right marketing communications and niche marketing strategy to reach your audience making sure that the marketing strategy is sustainable within your current business structure.

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Creative Monster: An Example
of Niche Marketing and Successful
Marketing Communications

Palicor is about "creativity that works" we're about finding a niche and using the right promotional plan and strategy to reach that market.

As a small marketing, creative, and web design services company, we did just that when we targeted a niche market for our services to small- and medium-size corporations. We identified a very specialized audience within these businesses who purchase freelance graphic design and creative services: marketing directors, marketing managers, and creative services managers. We created a promotion with a simple objective, to get a 15 minute meeting.

To satisfy this objective a fun, simple Creative Monster brand character and promotional mailer was born. The 11.5% response rate on this mailer substantiated that we had hit a bullseye with our niche marketing strategy.

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